Backup fails-cannot mount

When I run backup i receive message “Failed to mount Windows share: Invalid argument”. I have used this program forever with no problems. System up to date. Ubuntu-MATE 16.04-2 with Kernel Linux 4.8.0-39-generic x86_64. I used this about 1 week ago and all was fine.

In Caja cannot browse network My IX2 NAS get message "Unable to mount location, Error resolving ‘ix2.local’: Name or service not known. Also unable to browse Windows Network “Failed to retrieve share list from server: No such file or directory”

That looks like it could be due to a name resolution failure in your LAN.
Can you check your router to see if your NAS machine is still named ix2.local?

I have four computers and the NAS on my network ant the rest of the computers are OK. I used to be able to see them all but no longer from this computer but ok from other computers.

I am not sure what was wrong but I just reloaded an image and all is fine now.
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