Banshee hangs when importing mp3 files

Hello, I’ve recently installed ubuntu mate 16.04 on 3 different computers all of them seem to have the same issue. When I click on Media -> Import Media -> folders -> choose folders -> navigate to directory with mp3 files in it. When I click on import banshee sits there forever doing nothing. When I launch it via a console/shell I see the folloing lines and then a bunch of nothing.

[Info 12:57:17.409] All services are started 0.546593
[Info 12:57:17.624] AmazonMP3 store redirect URL:
[Info 12:57:17.847] nereid Client Started
[Info 12:57:17.898] GStreamer version, gapless: True, replaygain: False

Banshee will sit there until I finally click the X to close the import window and then I’m prompted to force it to quit or wait.

Anyone having issues with banshee on ubuntu mate 16.04?


I’ve no issue with banshee & mp3 files.
Did you select “install flash, mp3, and a buch of other stuff” during the install?
After the install did you use the Welcome > getting started > update step to install a codecs package?


Thanks for the quick response.
I did check the box to install flash,mp3 etc during install. I installed banshee after the install completed. I did not do “After the install did you use the Welcome > getting started > update step to install a codecs package?”. I have performed this step to install codecs but am still not getting any further.

So not sure if this will help. On my system I’ve created a seperate /home filesystem so if the distro upgrade fails I can reinstall without loosing my data and personal settings. Since the distro upgrade path resulted in a non booting system I performed a fresh install keeping the original /home filesystem intact. So banshee was working fine when I completed the install, meaning I could play mp3’s already imported without issue. now that I’ve bassically uninstalled banshee and removed any file/directory in /home/username/ that had to do with banshee then reinstalled banshee, I still can’t import music files.

What seems to fix this issue on my system was to disable all extensions except for the ones related to apple products, mass storage and MTP device support. Now I can import files.