Bigger Emoticons on Web Selection Interface


I don’t know if I am the only one that seems the need to get closer to the monitor to see the emoticons to select them on its selection interface??
I want them to be bigger to choose easily, I select them more based because of their name instead of the picture. I would like them to be as big as the picture of users next to threads listing.



Hi @malwaredpc, This is moved to the Meta section where it fits perfectly, being about this site.

I agree but the emoticons aren’t that great, either. :unamused: Bigger AND better would be my choice because I suffer from old eyes and use compiz Zoom to make up for a lot of things, including these. :grin: Even when zoomed in, :hushed: still looks like he’s got a cigar. :disappointed: :relaxed:


Yess! Thank you, I forgot about there being a meta section.

LOL :smiley:


Now dubbed forever as the “Clinton” emoticon! :hushed:


I think this could use further investigation @lah7.

He may have some suggestions.


Done! Our little blob friends are now a few pixels larger in the selection menu. :slight_smile: :confetti_ball: :cat: :mag: :clear:

Thanks for the suggestion!


@lah7 I had a deja vu with your post; I never had a deja vu with Internet before, am I becoming a machine?? ha! :wrench::nut_and_bolt:

Thank you @lah7, now it looks nicer.


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