Black display with cursor after login

I tried to connect a second display to my machine. I had Compiz as my window manager. Since it didn't work, I removed the monitor. Then after login, i get a black screen with cursor. I changed WM to Marco (Compton) and it fixed the issue. But every other WM seems to be broken.

Also, if I press hotkeys to switch to one of the virtual terminals (Ctrl + Alt + F2) and switch back to display, it seems to fix the issue.

What could be the reason for this?. I tried resetting compiz settings and display settings but it didnt work.

Try renaming your monitors.xml file in your /home//.config/monitors.xml path and seeing if it regenerates it and clears the issue.

No. it did not fix the issue.

You can also try renaming the compiz zettings file. I believe in

.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config (might have to check that is the path).

As it only happens when using compiz. Obviously you can replace the files back you are renaming if there is no change.

No. It is happening in every WM except Marco(Compton) Option

Are you using NVIDIA? You can try stopping to use the proprietary drivers and see if the issue dissapears. If it does you might have to apt purge the drivers and reinstall them.


yes I do. oh. you think it's the issue?

Well its worth troubleshooting just in case.