Blank screen and freeze during installation or live USB of Ubuntu Mate


I currently have a 64 bit PC running Linux Mint. I downloaded the 16.04 version of Ubuntu Mate, and wished to install it as a second operating system, or at least test it out using a live USB.

Upon booting with the USB I can get to the text menu which allows me to choose whether I wish to try out Ubuntu Mate, install it, check the USB integrity, etc. Choosing either to test it out, or install it yields a green screen with Logo (and the progress dots underneath), but then the screen goes blank and my system locks up (the num lock on the keyboard is non-responsive).

I tried the “expert mode” but had the same result.

This system currently works fine with Linux Mint so I think it’s not a faulty hardware issue.

My suspicion is that the problem might be due to having 2 NVIDIA graphics cards running three monitors. So I’ll describe the setup.
Card 1 controls monitors A and B
Card 2 controls monitor C
When my system is first turned on, the boot information is displayed only on monitor B.
The first text menu off the USB (with install or live USB options) appears on monitor B.
If I choose to either install or try the live USB, monitor B goes blank, and monitor C gets a green screen with the Ubuntu Mate logo and the little animated dots.
After a few seconds monitor C also goes blank, and the whole system locks up.

I’ve checked the integrity of the USB, it’s ok. I did memtest and it’s ok.

But when trying to either launch the installer or the live USB there is no text output whatsoever so I can’t even begin to diagnose the problem. Using “expert mode” doesn’t seem to do anything. I cannot contol-alt-F1 or get to any kind of prompt.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Is there some way for me to get text output during the launch so I can see where the system is getting stuck? Right now I’m just guessing that it might be related to the cards, but I really have no idea.


Try this: