Bluetooth Glitch

Well, this is a weird glitch. At first my Bluetooth speaker works perfectly. When I updated Grub to verbose, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="", though I don’t think this is related to the glitch but it happened after this update nonetheless, the speaker still works, but I need to disconnect and reconnect again before the audio output is redirected to the speaker. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, that is the norm right now. Some bluetooth/pulseaudio fixes are being worked on that should address the connection issues. Some of the problem is timing so slowing down the boot will change behavior.

I don’t get it. Now it doesn’t work at all. I can connect to the device, but no audio is being redirected even if it is selected as the audio output device.

I got it working again by reinstalling bluez, blueman and pulseaudio-module-bluetooth. But a simple reboot is enough for it to go bonkers again.

So I did a fresh install. At this point, everything works flawlessly. However, I ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, rebooted and the Bluetooth audio is gone again. So it is safe to conclude that something in that update broke bluez/pulseaudio.