Bluray burning support in 22.04

I have been burning bluray disks using Ubuntu Mate for quite a while now. I can not remember how far back, it worked through the 21.10 update. But for 22.04 I decided to do a fresh install and I can not get k3b to work. I remember finding a webpage with instructions to originally get it working but that was some time ago. I did find a fix at that works for 20.04 but the PPA has not been updated for 22.04. Has anyone gotten this working and can point me in the right direction? Thanks


Don't burn blu-ray and seems like it is version 21.12.3 in the repository. Did you try it?

Also possibly maybe here:
Just a guess had to do similar to get my Alarm Clock applet working.

Don't remember the version of k3b I tried. But I have not used the backports PPA. I will give it a try. Thanks!