Boot a Mac with Mate

Ok, I have an iMac, and decided installing mate while also experimenting with everything.
Ended up with an unbootable iMac…
Since I got into a lot of trouble solving this sh*t, beyond reFind and rufus, my advice is (if you want to boot your mac with mate):

  1. Go to a pc and download unetbootin,
  2. Download the iso for the mate
  3. Use unetbootin to create a bootable flash (note: my dvd is not working)
  4. Plugin the flash and open the mac, and…go ahead god damn it!! sorry for the language but it took me 3 days to exclude reFind and rufus, plus several other tools and methods).
  5. Keywords: unetbootin and iso

Hope it helps somebody out there…
Kisses, Yiannis