/boot/dpt-1 cannot be found


After several updates, an error message appears saying, “/boot/dpt-“ cannot be found. This is setting up ee-prom for the RPI3B+. Multiple updates and every one says error/failed update.

The folder, /boot/dpt-1, exists. “/boot/dpt-“ does not. This looks like a syntax error in an update script. Either the number after the hyphen is ignored, or, the script left a section out to determine the appropriate folder to copy data.

Ok, I now have the error. This the error. The error is that some syntax is missng. ‘/boot/dtb-‘ should be ‘/boot/dtb-1’.

ln: failed to create symbolic link '/boot/dtb-': Operation not permitted
dpkg: error processing package flash-kernel (--configure):
installed flash-kernel package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1