Brave URL Bar Tiny Text

Firefox with a few "privacy" plugins had been working fine, but lately some upgrade in FF or UbuM messed up PBS streaming so I'm switching to Brave. All seems ok so far, except for the tiny text size in the URL bar. I've seen other mentions of this problem online, but no solution that works on my PC so far.

As others have reported, it's easy enough to change font settings for everything except the URL bar, which isn't affected by zoom level either. Web wisdom seems to be that the Chrome guts of Brave is immune to changing the URL font size without delving into the guts of settings that don't seem to be available in my installation of UbuM.

Anyone here able to help?

Sys Details: Dell 3670 PC 12GB, Ubu 22.04.2 LTS, MATE 1.26.0,
Brave 1.50.114 Chrome 112.0.5615.49 64-bit