Brightness FN key do not work on Samsung N150P. A solution

I installed Ubuntu Mate 15.04 Beta1 in the slow Samsung N150P (1Gb ram) laptop of my wife, only to see if it works. It works really good and better and faster as the Xubuntu 14.04 she uses before. But there was a problem with the FN key that adjust the brightness of the screen. The pop-up icon appears and works, but the brightness don’t change. Searching in the net i found a solution that works. You must follow this tutorial. Only subsitute gedit for pluma in the command line and all works.
In my other machine, a MacPro 3.1 from 2008, Ubuntu Mate 15.04 works spectacular. Only problem was that after instalation only appeared a black screen. The solution was to make use of Boot Repair from the USB memory with the live disk and now it works flawlessly. Great work!!

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I had the same problem in Ubuntu MATE 14.04 in Samsung R530. I installed samsung-tools for trusty(14.04) here I rebooted, and then I installed samsung-backlight for quantal(12.10), I rebooted, it works fine.

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installing kernel 3.16 worked for me

I used the same suite of tools for my wife’s N210 netbook back in 2010. The netbook came with Win7 starter, which was pretty useless so we put 10.04 on it, used the samsung-tools and it worked flawlessly. We took that netbook travelling with us for 3 months in North America and it’s still going strong as a kids’ computer (running Ubuntu MATE 14.04).

Give them credit, Samsung could really build a quality netbook