Brisk Menu Keybinding

Just upgraded from 16.10 to 17.04 and lovin’ the new Pantheon layout with Brisk Menu! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

One quick question that I haven’t been able to find an answer on these boards to yet:

I come from the Windows world and my “muscle memory” for the Windows Key opening the “Start Menu” is super STRONG!

Any way to keybind the Windows Key to open the Brisk Menu?

Thanks for any suggestions!


At the moment i think it's not possible.
Please see this site:

Quotation from the site above:

Basic hotkey support (CTRL+F10) Needs fixing to support Super shortcut

Groan… THAT is SUPER disappointing!! AND frustrating!

I thought one of the “claims to fame” so to speak is Linux’s ability to be configurable and customizable to the user! This really seems like BASIC stuff… ability to have same keybinding for the Windows key for ppl coming over from WINDOWS!? jsmh

Perhaps you should try the Advanced MATE Menu (MATE Menu).

Thanks for the suggestion Etamuk.

What Panel layout in MATE Tweak uses that menu system?

I have been using “Cupertino” since moving my personal desktop to Ubuntu MATE last month, I like the App Dock center bottom (like macOS).

Yeah this is one of the things that are unexpectedly hard for some reason. I've been browsing through MATE Menu's code trying to find out how it works, I'm not there yet. -_-

You can use every menu in a panel.
To select a menu please right-click in a free space on a panel and choose the command to add something to the panel (sorry, i am using a german user interface, so i cannot tell you the exact term).
After that a window is opening. Here you can find some menus. Drag and drop it to your panel.

Thanks Etamuk, found it!

Now, here’s my question… if MATE already has THIS menu system… what’s all the “hoopla” about with the Brisk Menu system? What’s the difference? Just the looks and the Windows keybinding?? That seems silly.

Is there a doc out there that outlines why I would choose Brisk Menu over Advanced MATE Menu?

Grrrrrr… Just discovered that if I choose to use the Advanced MATE Menu, all my other Win key (aka Super key) bindings high-jacked! Ugh… how frustrating!! :angry: