Brisk Menu shortcut

Is there any way to set a custom shortcut to brisk menu?
It's set to mod4, while I want to set it to Ctrl-Esc

I've found brisk menu entry at dconf.
No key combination works as a shortcut though, just the default option

Hi obaino,

did you also check Control Center > Hardware > Keyboard Shortcuts > Add?. :thinking:

Thank you for your answer.
I do not know what is the brisk menu command, to enter at the command field of the shortcuts


Hi obaino,

sorry but I cannot help you there, I had a look but cannot find it!. The nearest thing I can find that is related is something which refers to Dconf Editor. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK AS I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS WILL WORK OR CRIPPLE YOUR MENU SYSTEM!!!!!.

If you open Dconf editor > Org > Mate > Mate Menu > Hot-key and uncheck the "Use default value" button and enter your own value there???.


Thank you for your suggestion, but I'm afraid this refers to Mate Menu, not to Brisk Menu that I'm interested in.

Sorry obaino, I cannot find anything related to it?. :frowning_face:

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Hi @obaino,

try any of these custom values: <Control>Escape or <Ctrl>Escape .

Good luck


Thank you @ironfoot
I had started to think there was no solution to the issue!
Thanks once again :slight_smile:

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