"Broken battery" pop up, is that real?

Hi Community!

Yesterday i turn on my laptop and a “Broken Battery” pop up appears. The capacity changed from 98% to 42% and today is 36%.

This is the “Time to empy” graph and is very “non-linear”, almost random.

Is software related or is my battery really dying :frowning2:?
I checked the battery status and is concordant with the pop up.

Well, that graph should naturally not be a completely linear progression. Given the fact that what you’re doing with the laptop isn’t always the same either. Sometimes you have a browser open, sometimes you have multiple tabs open even. Other times you’re watching a video. All of this will affect battery time and consequently, the prediction on how much battery time there is left.

But that popup on top of the extremely irregular graph does indeed suggest a possible issue with the battery. How old is the laptop?

almost two years, with medium use of the battery.

while i was discharging the battery (the graph) i was in the browser.

That graph shows a time elapsed of 2 hours. If indeed you were doing something consistent throughout that time then I would bet on the battery dying indeed.

In which case I could recommend against using it. If you can, remove it and just plug your laptop into the AC directly. A dying battery is always more of a risk than a healthy one. If you can get a replacement battery, even just to test to see if it is your battery that is faulty, that’d be better.

the problem is that the battery is integrated (ultrabook).


my laptop was so smooth :frowning: Ubuntu mate + ssd + 6hrs battery … but life happens