Browser lags, high CPU usage

At the moment,I use the Chromium web browser.
When I play a video the browser report a 100% usage issue.
I tried it with Firefox, Brave, Google Chrome and Vivaldi with the same issue.
The video browser use a DRM support.

Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64-bit.
Kernel linux 4.18.0-25 generic x86_64.
MATE 1.20.1

Could you post your processor, memory, and graphics card specifications here? (I recommend running the screenfetch command (installable with sudo apt install screenfetch to find out this information.) It could just be that you have lower end hardware that isn't quite up to the task of browser video playback.

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Thanks Leojo3 for your reply.
Here is the screenfetch.

Your cpu is an intel E2140? So it's in the low end range performance, very poor performance:
I recommand you to play video online not in HD and switch to 480p or 360p to play it fine. More quality, more cpu needed = lag with your cpu.

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Yes...Philippe you're right about the lower end and hardware.
However...about a few weeks ago I had this problem, I was hoping this was a software problem.

If you play a video that does not require DRM what are is your CPU usage like?

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Hello franksmcb, If I play a video on YouTube It's about 50%.

Okay...thanks Leoj03, Philippe and franksmcb...It's time for a new rig.