Bug alert! 16.04 mate volume control problem + steam problems!

Filing bug, Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS:

  1. I have a problem getting volume control to work. Using mouse to drag volume control up or down doesnt affect sound. It seems to disconnect from sources like spotify or youtube by itself, however, volumecontrol in spotify, youtube etc does work fine. Same go for other apps.

  2. Im unable to start several games in steam. One particular example is Dota 2. I click “run” and nothing happens.

Rig: ATI radeon 5870, 8 GB RAM, 955 AMD X4 3.2 ghz processor on a gigabyte g 790xta motherboard.

right… and i use it with stock open source drivers, which other than the steam-related issue that maybe is connected to that? (i dont know) seems to run really well.

The flrx propriety drivers for the AMD/ATI cards has been discontinued for 16.04. This means you are now using the open source version. One of the consequences, form what I have read, is that many steam apps may not work. I am in the same boat as I have an ATI card. Apparently, AMD are working some kind of alternative that may be ready by the end of the summer. I am not sure, but wonder if the GPU may be implicated in the management of sound as well.

Take a look on the steam forum chaps!: