Bug : Cannot grab the Caja window when using "undecorate maximized windows"

Cannot grab the Caja window when using "undecorat maximized windows" since Mate 18.04 up to 22.04.
This is a pitty because it works with

  • Chrome
  • Pluma
  • Atril
  • Mate terminal
    but does not work with the very important CAJA :
    I could never use this feature, which I would Loooove to use. Trying after each update and could never have it usable.

It also doesn t work with some other 3rd party apps lile Openshot video flat pack instakk , but that is more to be expected.

Hi y_cho,

I understand your confusion about the difference between observed behaviour and expected behaviour but I can assure you it is not a bug.
It is designed this way, and with a good reason.

Let me explain:

The standard to move a window in Ubuntu-MATE is Alt + LeftMouseButton.

This is to make it possible to drag any window without the fear of activating something within that window.

Every other way is undefined behaviour and up to the application.

This (actually very old) design is now more than ever a necessity because the introduction of "client side decorations" where sometimes (especially in internet browsers) there is no titlebar but also no room left (think of 30 tabs open) to grab the window anywhere.
With alt+LeftMouseButton this problem does not exist.

So you see that caja completely adheres to the standard.
What the other programs add to the mix is often convenient but is undefined territory.

I assume you would consider it convenient to add a bare LeftMouseButton 'grab' to caja
The best thing you can do is a "feature request" for caja in de link below:


Hi @tkn
Thks you made my day :slight_smile:
Actually alt+ left doesn t work on MARCO compoistor but does work on COMPIZ.
I guess you are on Compiz...also on compiz Shortcut Windowd key + arrows doesn t work :frowning:
Would be nice if we had both ways on Marco and compiz.
For info Intel GPU Tops from both are comparable, as battery life is one important concerne on latops


All my shortcuts are gone on compiz Windows
+T for terminal
+E for explorer

Its like compiz is for mouse persons and macro for productivity keyboard people...
I am back to MArco hopping for a better futur for me with ALT(or windows) + mouse on MARCO

Actually alt+ left doesn't work on MARCO compositor but does work on COMPIZ.

That is strange. Alt + LEFT_MOUSEBUTTON works for me on Marco, on all my Ubuntu-MATE installs. It is the default for Ubuntu-MATE on both Marco and Compiz.

I guess you are on Compiz

No, I'm on Marco.

If it doesn't work for you , there might be something else going on.
I googled for "alt + left click not working" but I only saw results for MS-Windows bugs (lots of them) but no Ubuntu related bugs :thinking:

Could you try this ?:

gsettings get org.mate.Marco.general mouse-button-modifier

it should reply with:

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On Marco and works here with exception being I have SuperKey assigned in place of Alt which I need in FreeCad and Blender. Clicking on maximized window and pressing SuperKey (normally Alt) doesn't work. Have to press the SuperKey (normally Alt) and then click and a 4 arrow move icon shows up and moving takes window out of maximized.


OK I found why, its HUD that takes the "alt" key function on Marco (and not compiz).

I had HUD selected in the tweak app.
I never knew how to use it anyway, but when I tapped 2 times the "alt" key I got HUD(for the first time), and thought...what if I would deactivate it...
ANd now it works !

Thanks a lot for your help!