[BUG] Drawer Item not storing Sub-Items' order


I like to organize stuff on my panels, so the Drawer Item is great for this. One of my drawers I have a list of all my processor cores along with a system monitor for them. Problem is every time I shut off my PC or log out the order changes to a different order. I find it really annoying as I want the System Monitor item to always be on the top (it always reverts back to the order in the second image).

Before & After

Creating a completely new Drawer Item and removing the old one with the same layout behaves just like the old Drawer.

Welcome, @S1mon. I used to use drawers and I remember the"Lock to Panel" setting on each item used to do just that. Give it a try if you haven't.

Hope it works!

Unfortunately, that's one of the first things I tried. Doesn't matter if I lock the monitor, the cores, or both. It still reverts back to the second image.

What about setting up a separator between the chart part and the cores stats ?

After adding a Separator Item it began behaving strangely. They started jumping around in the drawer from session to session. Here's a picture from five different sessions:

This looks like a nice bug xD You can inform the dev team abut it.

Here is a nice topic how to do it :

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