Build or compile Ubuntu mate 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial) for rpi


I would like to build/compile ubuntu mate 16.04.5 image from my laptop (I am running Ubuntu on my PC).
I have download ubuntu mate for raspberry pi 3 from and it works but I would like to understand/learn, how to build this image my self. Can someone point me wiki or some page ,explain how to build full Ubuntu mate 16.04.5 image for raspberry pi 3 from scratch ?



ok but where is the build instruction/wiki or information page? I am sure people of this group have build system.


@Wimpy is it possible for you to point any wiki and documents so I can build image myself?


its been long time since i posted. I am not getting anywhere with build, tried various git but not succeed. Is there any one has really build image by them self?


What commands from the video I linked have you tried? What were the error messages if any?


@stillwinter sorry, I used to open login from my mobile and i didnt see link properly. my complete stupid error. I will follow your link and let you know tomorrow. Thank you.


That’s easily done. I don’t think the links are particularly clear on here. Also, it looks like the page has been hacked as on first click it takes you to some random advertising page.