Cairo dock and compositors

I’ve been playing with MATE enough to learn this which I want to share.

If Cairo dock is set to fall-back mode it won’t bug any compositors and they don’t cross since you are not using the parallel events of switching with a taskbar and animations. I don’t use Cairo for this but just a note I use it as a helper instead. Mainly for clipboard history.

So you find Cairo Dock compatible with MATE and sharing this as a tip?

Yes but unfortunately running it at start-up is not working lately

I do use Cairo-Dock, it works to me at start up if :slight_smile:You go to
-“start up applications”

  • Add
  • Go to user
  • Go to Bin
  • search for cairo-dock and add it
    then you will see Cairo at start up
    But yes, if you activate that option from Cairo, it won’t start. A least on my computers

HI XD Thanks that works!

I guess you can edit the post as “solved” :slight_smile: