Caja actions without subfolder


can i place the caja actions directly in the context menu instead of the subfolder "caja actions"? When this does not work with the caja actions editor: in the context menu there is a command to open the terminal. Is it possible to create the same entry for my own commands?

Hi Aleksander,
Love caja-actions since appears, I've looking for same answer for some time as you but... I think is not so easy like could be. Context menu (right-click) is difficult to be edit for average user. So in caja-actions the problem persist. A thin small full-icon mate-panel solve for me access to one-click more required scripts. At least for moment. Just an idea.

  1. Open caja-actions-config-tool.
  2. Go to Edit > Preferences.
  3. Select "Runtime preferences".
  4. Disable the option "Create a root 'Caja-Actions' menu".

That's it.


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