Caja and network locations

I have recently installed Ubuntu MATE 15.10 on a newly built machine.
My previous machine also had v.15.10 on it, with 15.04, 14.10 and 14.04 before that.

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS drive attached to the network, which I use as a media server. This contains a single CIFS share, called 'Media'.

On the previous machine running v.15.10, I could click 'Browse Network' and it would allow me to click on a 'Windows Network' icon and reach the Media share.

On the new machine, when I click on 'Browse Network', I get the following dialog:

I can't remember adding any software in my previous installation, but I may be wrong. Do I need some Samba software. I don't want to run a Samba server, merely connect to this network share. As far as I can remember, it just worked.

I always install samba. Then add network locations to it.

for example:

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Caja's "Browse Network" should just work out of the box. That sort of dialogue only appears for me if I tried accessing "Browse Network" from a root Caja window.

The alternate way to connect to the network share is to press CTRL+L in Caja and type into the location field the protocol, address and folder to the share.

For example:


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Well that was very weird!
The CTRL+L method didn’t work, @lah7.
I just got the same dialog, except this time with a ‘smb’ string instead of ‘network’.

I have got it working, but to do this, I went into App Grid, uninstalled Caja then installed it again immediately. Now works. Something must have been awry with Caja. Very strange, as I say.