Caja - can't rename file / directory under 'Pictures' folder

Hello, I encounter an issue only for one user under the directory 'Pictures', each time I create a file or a directory with Caja (GUI) I can't rename it (same for existing ones), nor F2 key or 'Rename' would work. However, I can move, delete,.... I checked the permission, everything seems ok. I can easely change the name under a treminal (command mv)... Other users on the same machine doesn't have this problem ?!
(sorry for my english it is not my language, I hope my question is clear :slight_smile: I am deeply 'annoyed' by this strange issue...
Does someone can help ?

Have you checked for any updates on your system? This might be a bug in Caja.

Thanks for your reply.
I made some tests and it ended with success.
I copied all files to another directory, and realized if there is less than 22 files/directory I could manage to rename them, it seems to be a bug like indeed ?!!
Finally I copied back all the files to the original 'Pictures' directory, and the bug came back.
I logout, and login some time later, and since everything is back and smooth.
Today the problem is however back,... :frowning:

I have the same bug. It always happens if I search a specific string on a specific folder.