Caja context menus and "Beyond Compare" (Ubuntu Mate 16.10)


I’m trying to get the Beyond Compare context menus working in Caja. There seems to be a dedicated .so file for this but I can’t work out where to put it/how to make it work. I’ve tried putting it in lots of places without success.

Any ideas would be most welcome!

My old laptop died a couple of weeks ago and as I don’t like the current gnome interface I decided to try Ubuntu Mate on the new one rather than kludging the standard Ubuntu installation to look/behave the same like I’ve done before. Wasn’t expecting problems like this…


I don't know if you're aware of 'meld' or not, it's a visual diff program and quite solid.

Never heard of "Beyond Compare" before, but Caja supports scripting if you care to roll your own.

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In case anybody else is struggling with this, you just need to copy the extension lib to:


That worked for me at least.