Caja . Crashes copying / pasting large files /folders!

Evening - I have noticed a couple of times now that Caja crashes when i try to copy / Move / Paste files or folders lagers than a Gig to both hard-disk and external hard-disk or USB drive, forcing a cold system reboot. I never experienced such an issue with Nautilus… Am not knocking the hard work of the Devs of Caja but i wonder whether you are aware of the issue and what is the fix please.


I’ve never experienced anything like this :cry:

Weird. I got to dig in deep, i thought i’d ask here first… Not to worry.

I did encounter with such issues before. I haven’ tried recently though. Whenever I tried copying/pasting large files/folders, caja would hang for a while. Even the whole MATE desktop would hang for a while.

I will try Nautilus to see if the same issue occurs…