Caja delete button

I'm looking for a delete button for the caja button panel. Deletes highlighted file or directory in the focus caja window.

You don't mention what version you're using, but on 1.20.2 (for 18.04), go to Edit > Preferences > Behavior tab > bottom check box.

This will add a delete command that bypasses Trash, which sounds like what you're looking for. Remember: for all practical purposes you CAN'T "undelete" when using it.

The delete to bypass trash option puts an option on the context menu. Which is great, but I'm looking for a button up there on the menu panel. There's Stop, Reload... View selector and so on.

I mean up there.

I'm on Caja 1.24 on Ubuntu 20.04

Ah. You want to customize the "Main Toolbar". I've not found a way to do that. There are feature requests for Caja's predecessor back into 2006 for that functionality.

I've just created a tutorial for adding 4 delete/Trash related buttons to Caja's toolbar: Open Trash (which you can middle-click to open the Trash folder in a new tab), Move to Trash, Delete (bypassing Trash, which is what you're after), and Empty Trash. Check out the tutorial here for all the info you need!

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Thanks for your tutorials, they are great!

I have three moments to say:

  1. All tutorials use gksu executable which is not available for current Ubuntu releases. So this make them non-reproducible.
  2. I have reported Caja Main Toolbar editing feature as feature request to feature request about editing Main Toolbar from GUI · Issue #1607 · mate-desktop/caja · GitHub . It would be great if developers implement your ideas into Caja upstream for permanent usage in future.
  3. I have reported Caja Accels as feature request to feature request about setting ~/.config/caja/accels from GUI · Issue #1608 · mate-desktop/caja · GitHub for the same reason.
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Forgive my ignorance, but I'm using gksu in 20.04 (and have for years), so can you explain further? What is the alternative? I know you can use sudo even for GUI apps, but it was always custom to reserve that for commands, and use gksu for apps. I wasn't aware anything had changed.

I found the answer (though no-one can actually explain why gksu was removed!): use pluma admin:// instead of gksu pluma, as in: pluma admin:///usr/share/caja/ui/caja-navigation-window-ui.xml. I'm guessing everyone who used those guides with success had upgraded from versions previous to 18.04 (my machine started off as 16.04 and I upgraded to 20.04 in one go). I'll edit the code so people with fresh installs 18.04 and above can use the commands too. Thanks for the heads up!

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