Caja Feature Request: Group items by type, name, date etc

This feature is very handy in neatly managing your files. Say, you have a lot of different types of files in a directory like pdf, docx, mp3, jpeg etc. You can group them by their type to manage them easily. Or you can have different files of same type (or not) arranged by their names, say, all files whose names start with A in one group, files with B in another etc.

Microsoft Windows have this feature (Group by) and I personally really loved it. I think the only file manager in Linux that have this feature is Dolphin, according to this github issue.

Would love to see this implemented in Mate.


Caja already does this. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are asking for.

The method you showed only arranges items by type but it doesn’t group them. To understand it better, you can go to the github issue link I posted in the OP and view the attached image there.

Ah…okay. I see.

Fair enough, I guess, if you prefer it to aesthetically look that way.

Though, I don’t understand what functional advantage your suggested layout confers. That is to say, if they are arranged in groups in a simple stacked list, as is currently the case, or are arranged in groups, with a separating line between the groups, as in your git-hub example, the functional effect in terms of the capacity to manipulate files at the group level is the same, is it not?

I do appreciate, however, I may not be fully understanding the advantage of this and would appreciate your expanding on it a bit more. I am open to persuasion.

To be honest, neatly arranging files and the general aesthetic appeal is the main reason I like it.

Having said that, if I had to sell this idea to someone, to you, then I’ll ask you to consider this. Forget about arranging files by types or names. Consider that you have a bunch of photos taken over a period of time. If you group them by date then you can separate them by the date they were taken. It helps in easy overview and locating files easily through quick glance. Like I read somewhere, consider arranging files by grouping as creating visual breaks for easy management.

But I understand that it can be tough to sell something as trifle (in comparison to other big ticket features of course) as this feature. Like you said, functional effect doesn’t change much. And Caja is doing fine without it. But then again, this can be a handy feature that enhances the capabilities of Caja. So why not, right?