Caja, Mate-Termianl window raising issues

I’m being plagued by overlapping Caja and Mate-Terminal windows not raising/lowering properly.

I use four active dual monitor desktops with Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium and Chrome open along with anywhere from 4-8 Caja windows and 3-15 Mate-Terminal windows open among the four desktop workspaces. The system only reboots when required by an update, or a power failure lasts longer than my UPS batteries.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the problem on demand, but often I can’t raise a window unless I minimize it and then restore it from the bottom taskbar. Very frustrating

I’m totally current on updates. Anyone else have this issue?

If I'm understanding you correctly, I think I'm also dealing with this. Please read my description below and see if it's the same issue:


I’m using Marco+Compton and I’ve noticed something similar in two separate settings:

  • When I’m transferring my mouse and keyboards from one machine to another using x2x
  • When I have a window set up to be “Always on visible workspace”

Sounds like what I see, although usually I don’t need to move the top window, I generally just click on the visible part of the underneath window to raise it. Most of the time it raises, but other times it doesn’t.

Sometimes I can raise it from the bottom taskbar, other times I need to use the taskbar to minimize and then restore the top window then everything is normal again for a while.

Updates may have changed the fine details of what I observe, but it just happened again a few minutes ago.

I don’t have anything set to be “Always on visible workspace” although software updates seems to do this automatically. There may be a correlation with it happening after a software update, as I’d just dismissed the “up to date” dialog after an update and noticed the problem next time I changed workspaces.

So it could actually be nothing Caja or Mate-Terminal specific, other than these are usually my “underneath” windows.

At least now I know its not just me!