Caja rename message box does not display completely when the number of files are too many

Dear Sir,

I usually use caja-rename to perform batch file renames. The steps are as follows:

  1. Select all files within a folder.
  2. Rename some files with a particular string, say replacing string1 to string2.

However, since NOT all files will contain string1, there may be an error message listing all files outside the files to be renamed category as follows:
"The following will be overwritten:
file1 ->file1

The problem of this message box, in case when the file names are too long or too many files NOT to be renamed, will be extended outside the bottom of my display. The message box cannot be resized. Therefore I cannot see the "Yes" "No" buttons to click.

The complete lists of files NOT to be renamed are not displayed properly.

Is it possible to implement feature like grouping the file name list into a scrollbox or allow us to move up or down the message box, or to resize it so that I can see the "Yes" "No" buttons.



To move dialogue box to see the Yes - No buttons, you can use Alt+F7.


Got it. Thank you very much.