Caja: Source code line for icon size?

I gave this answer on stackexchange on how Caja lets you freely increase the thumbnail size.
However, this doesn't apply to folders and other file types that use vector icons.

I would like to change that. I know this is for most an unreasonable use of the program so I'm not by any means requesting a feature.
What I would like is to find the line in Caja's source code to increase the maximum size of vector icons and build Caja from that.
I suspect it's not a GTK-wide setting because Nautilus, Nemo and Caja all have different maximum folder icon size.
I'm using grep to try and find something that looks like it but so far no good candidate (I'm also not so familiar with C).

If you know your way around the source code, please tell me so I can expand my answer on stackexchange.

Thank you

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Welcome @ChameleonScales to the community!

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Found it!


set to 768, result:

I know it looks ridiculous, it's just a simple and extreme example.

More customization info on my stackexchange answer.