Caja ssh problems

Hi guys, most of my daily work is connecting to remote machines and do work there.
Caja worked great for it until 20.04 but since I upgraded to 22.04 I started having issues.

I cannot rename files, copy or cut them, but moving a file into a folder for instance keeps working.
Right click context menu is also different.

When I kill caja, unmount ssh and reconnect, everythign starts to work again.

Sorry if you're already aware of this or asked before, is there anyone else having such issues?


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Hi dodo,

Although I don't have any problems with caja over ssh (which I use extensively), I have an idea what you could do what possibly might help.

Caja over ssh (or rather sftp) makes use of gvfs (gnome virtual file system) for buffering and caching and such.

There might have remained some unwanted data in gvfs from before the upgrade which could cause some hiccups in the current version.

You could try to empty the gvfs-metadata folder.

rm $HOME/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/*

It might or might not help. It is at least worth a try