Caja + what is /home/user/.config/session-state?


In the folder of: "/home/user/.config/session-state"
are many caja-1544385434.desktop files?

Can I delete these files?

I don't have auto-save-session activated in dconf-editor.

Hi @mate2go

Probably you can, i have only one file my side there. It looks like a simple .desktop file to start caja with some special options like your mounts and so on.

Hi olek,

I want add this command to my rc.local file:

/bin/rm -f /home/user/.config/session-state/caja-*.desktop

Will a new file caja-*.desktop be created automatically in this session-state folder after rc.local finished my command above on LOGIN into Ubuntu Mate?

Should not @mate2go, i removed mine, killall caja, run it again and it didn't created a new file. Looks like its created at boot time only (matching uptime with ls -lt)

I clean all the files in the folder session-state and it seems to be no errors.

Added it to my rc.local file to clean automatic these
caja-*.desktop files after login.