Can I change the Cupertino Brisk menu's layout?

Hello all,

I’ve been demoing out the Cupertino version of MATE and enjoy it very much. My only drawback is that the Brisk menu is fullscreen. I don’t know much about this DE as I’m typically running Cinnamon, but was demoing ubuntu MATE to help a friend install. That was the only glaring thing that I found - that the Brisk menu was fullscreen. I found that in other panel layouts (Pantheon for one) the same Brisk menu is much more Cinnamon-esque.

This being a personal preference, I thought I’d post it here to see if I could do anything to change it from the fullscreen option to the more cinnamon-like option. I doubt this would be a hang up for my friend though. However I do want to be informed about what I’m helping him out with.

So is there some way for me to change the layout of the menu?


– smacz42

Yes, just run the following command to change the settings:

gsettings set com.solus-project.brisk-menu window-type 'classic'

(To get the full-screen menu again change ‘classic’ to ‘dash’ or set it to ‘automatic’.)


It took logging out and then logging back in again before it took effect, but it’s working perfectly now. Thanks!