Can I change the MATE menu (traditional version)?


is there a way to change each components about the MATE menu (traditional version)?

if I use the right mouse button on the menu and then I click on "Edit Menu", I can change the content of the "Application" folder and only one part of the "System" folder. for the rest, I can't do nothing. Infact the content of the "Places" folder and others components there aren't in the "Edit Menu", so that I can't change them.

I just want to change some components in the "Places" and "System" folders. How can I do that?


Hello aquerci

Starting from the "traditional" desktop layout, navigate as follows:

System > Preferences > Look and Feel > Main Menu

In the "MainMenu" window:

Left hand column "Menus:" - click on the small black arrow to the left of the first item in the list "Applications".

Now you can see "Preferences" and "Administration". When you click on each of these in turn, you will see entries in the second column "Items:" There are control buttons available on the right side of the window; these give you the ability to perform some re-arrangement according to your wishes.

Did this help? :slightly_smiling_face: