Can I get only a vertical panel bar in Ubuntu MATE?

Hello guys,

I'm about to move on from my Xubuntu 14.04.4 system and I decided Ubuntu MATE would be my first choice. But I have one requirement. Since my monitor is widescreen at 1600x900 I need all the vertical space for my windows and hence I need to be sure Ubuntu MATE can be configured to display only a vertical panel (on the left side), without me losing any important functionality or applets.

Is that possible? I previously read somewhere that window buttons when MATE panel is in vertical mode don't display well? Is that fixed? Or can I use Mutiny and simply move the indicator applet functions and main menu to the side bar and delete the top bar? Or is that not possible without breaking something?

Thanks for your answers. Am hoping what I want is possible so I can install Ubuntu MATE soon.

PS. Just attached a screenshot of my current Xubuntu desktop to indicate the kind of panel setup I'd like with Ubuntu MATE as well.

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I prefer as much vertical & horizontal space as possible. My solution:

Auto hide the top panel
Remove bottom paned
Install Plank to autostart
Lock most used apps to Plank
Configure Plank to bottom, autohide, icon size =24, be transparent, and to fill

Simply moving the mouse cursor to either top or bottom un-hides so the functionality I need is available.

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Thanks! I already considered auto-hide but I personally don’t like its distracting movements and it’s often not quite the way I’d expect, at least on Xfce. For example clicking on a panel item and then clicking on another part of the panel makes it hide, when I’d expect it to still show until my cursor leaves the panel or I click outside the panel.

I guess I’ll first try the Mutiny layout and try to move the functionality from the top panel into the side one.

My MATE panel setup looks nearly identical to your Xfce screenshot! I’m not at home, so I can’t show you right now.

Yes, the window buttons applet is not great with a vertical panel, but the dock applet is a great replacement. This is what is used by the Mutiny layout.

There are no vertical-only panel layouts in MATE Tweak, so you need to move the panel manually, or do as you say with Mutiny.

The two other slight imperfections I see are that the indicator icons increase in size with the larger panel, so they are almost the size of the launcher icons, and that some themes add a lot of padding to the applets so the panel needs to be wider to allow the clock to be horizontal.

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Thanks for confirming what I was hoping! In every other way I really like Ubuntu MATE, from what I’ve seen from the outside. I’ve no issues with moving manually or with slight imperfections like padding, as long as the general concept is possible and it doesn’t break some important applet like nm-applet or the clock. Will try your idea of adding a dock applet in the place of the window list one. So on to the first install then!