Can I upgrade a Ubuntu 17.10 debian desktop to 18.04 mate beta?

Hi, I tried out mate in a VM and really like it.

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 17.10 encrypted that I would like to upgrade. Can this be done or do I need to wipe it out and install fresh? I see now instructions on how to do install from Ubuntu 16.04 unity… Is that the way to go?


I really do want to go to the supported Mate 18.04 eventually so any thoughts on the best way forward for 17.10 Ubuntu Debian?

what do you mean from Ubuntu Debian, if you are already running Ubuntu-mate 17.10 you can upgrade when 18.04 comes out from the software updater, or should be able to, the beta however idk, other then maybe getting the iso and upgrading from live boot which may do away with all of your apps and just keep your files i’m not sure on that

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Hi @daninsatx,

read through the following, the upgrade command is near the bottom!:


sudo do-release-upgrade -d

Remember that dev versions may be unstable and are not recommended for Linux beginners!.

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Sorry, I think of Ubuntu 17.10 going back to Gnome desktop as being Debian. I have the basic Ubuntu 17.10 but now see Mate as the desktop I would like to go forward with when it comes out as 18.04 LTS. Thanks for helping out on my question.

Hi Wolfman, since I have Ubuntu 17.10 and not mate right now, should I run

sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop

and then when 18.04 comes out just do the

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

you mention above?

Thanks for your assistance.


ok I was not sure what you were meaning, you may be able to use the upgrade
feature in Ubiquity otherwise upgrade to 18.04 then install the
ubuntu-mate-desktop package and remove the ubuntu desktop package

Thanks Bernie I will try that.

let me know how it goes

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Hi Dan,

run the above command if you want to upgrade to 18.04 now. If you want to wait for the final release, you can make sure your software sources settings are set accordingly!:

Ubuntu Mate Update Guide :smiley: