Can I upgrade to a non-lts version

I am using 22.04.1 LTS. I see that a new version, 22.10 has been released. Do I stay with what I have or update, and can I update from an LTS to a non-lts?

Here is link to description of the different releases:

I have UM22.04.1 LTS which is basically stable and have removed some software in favor of latest versions which work well for me.

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LTS releases are intended for people who just want things to stay the same--like corporate deployments. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Things that are broken get fixed, but nothing else is updated to the latest and greatest. They tend to be really stable after the .1 release.

The other releases are the normal releases, for people who want a continuous upgrade.

Otherwise, 22.04 LTS is nearly or exactly the same as 22.04 regular. But, once you move to 22.10, you cannot go back to 22.04, and will have to go 23.04, 23.10. The next LTS release would be 24.04. 22.04 is fully supported for three years, and the security fixes for five years.

So, it is your choice. If you picked an LTS originally for 3-5 year support, then do not move to 22.10, because that will move you to the shorter support period. If you want to upgrade, it should be fine. I think, however, you have to do something manually to force the upgrade off of the LTS distribution. Normally and LTS wouldn't be offering an upgrade until 24.04.1 comes out.