Can not get Comodo Antivirus to setup

Can not get Comodo Antivirus to setup. Says The Kernel module ‘redirfs.ko’
appropriate for your current version dose not exist, please run /opt/comodo/post
please run /opt/comodo/post

i try that a few times didn’t work.

Says The Kernel module ‘redirfs.ko’
appropriate for your current version dose not exist…not sure what this all means for i am new to linux.

but have no trouble to get to install to ubuntu mate 16.4

Sounds like this package has not yet been updated to 16.10.

Could you post your download link.

Nevermind, I found it.

Hasn't been updated :frowning:

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I’m neither here nor there about this but I remember Steve Gibson talking about this software on a past Security Now Podcast. Just thought you may want to take a gander.

This might help?:

thanks for your help wolfman i have it working no trouble on 16.4 i
tryed 16.10 think its an unstable version was just trying to let them
know cant get it going in the 16.10 version and what the error was

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16.10 is gtk3 only and your package has not been upgraded. That is why one of the above links suggest using terminal. Maybe better to try something else.

That goes for Comodo Internet Security (something that you don’t want on Linux yet it seems that it is something they want to push onto you to get revenew) not CAVL (Comodo Antivirus for Linux).


The posting of the video is beyond my understanding :guitar: But, as to the Comodo, I thought the only difference in the internet security and the antivirus was a firewall. My bad. Just trying to be a good neighbor :slight_smile:

Update: Ok I get it :slight_smile:

It has a browser too.

Haha :blush: just a silly joke