Can Ubuntu MATE be put on a hdd to be used as boot device?


I have an old laptop that recently stopped booting with Windows to the point that it can’t even run start up repair. Running diagnostics says it’s a problem with the hard drive. I’d like to format a hdd to use as an internal hdd that boots with Ubuntu MATE but I can’t find anywhere that says if that’s possible or how to do it.


It sounds like the hard drive is failing. You may run into problems and/or data loss later if you choose to continue using it. You can use a Live CD/USB to preserve any data and overwrite what's already on there, but you might still have problems later if the drive is failing.

If you're asking how to replace the HDD by formatting a different one, then swap the hard drives and perform the installation procedures as you normally would, providing you have the installation media (CD/DVD/USB).

It's a bit unclear what you're trying to achieve here.

P22 are you basically wanting to install ubuntu-mate on another computer take that hard drive out and then put it in this windows laptop after you replace the drive.

  1. If you do this with transfering the drive first you will need a compatiable internal drive for the laptop and a computer to install it on. When you are installing this way please disconnect all other drives and os but the drive you are installing on otherwise grub will attempt to boot all of them and then when you place the drive in boot into recovery because it cannot see the os. And install grub to this disk as a single boot. Then you need to physically swap out the bad hard drive and put in the one you installed ubuntu mate on and then try to boot from the first hard disk on the computer. This si more complecated than the easy way in method 2.

  2. An easier way to do this is get a replacement drive put it in the laptop and install ubuntu0mate on it if you can get boot media to boot and install on the new disk. I would try this. If this is an old laptop with a cd drive only i.e. no dvd and doesn't boot from usb you can burn Plop Boot Manager 5.0 - Download to a cd which will then once you boot from that cd select usb and install.