Can we delete custom layouts in Mate-Tweak?

Hey all,

I’m new here, just wanted to introduce myself and ask a silly question. My name’s Jon and I am a relatively new Linux user. I’ve been using Linux on and off for the last year. I’m still not 100% comfortable yet because I just recently switched full-time to Linux.

Wimpy, you have an amazing distro here, but I’m curious. Is it possible to delete our mate-tweak panel layouts? I really hate that I accidentally hit the save button while typing on the ‘save panel layout’ portion of the panel options within Mate-Tweak. Love getting new hardware -.-

If not, I may reload. I’m only a few days in on this laptop. It bothers me that much to have excess things in the menus. I’m weird I know.

If this is in the wrong place, mods: feel free to move or delete or whatever you need to do.

Thanks all.

I see two files in /usr/share/mate-panel/layouts. My username is alexander and I see alexander-tweak.layout and alexander-tweak.panel. You could try deleting your equivalent files.

Alternatively, if you save a new layout it overwrites the previous one.