Cannot change Firefox startpage in UM 16.10


very excited i installed Ubuntu MATE 16.10 (clean install).

After that i tried to change the startpage in Firefox. The default is

When i set an other website and restart Firefox, is opening again.

What may be the problem?
Is there someone with the same problem?

In VB, I have the same problem. Playing around with start with a blank page or a blank home page did not fake it out. It looks like it is hard wired.

This is definitively not intended behavior.
Can you guys file a bug report on launchpad?

Yes, of course.
I will do it now.


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In the meantime, you can open a Terminal and…

First backup the two files to your /home directory:

cp /usr/lib/firefox/ubuntumate.cfg /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/all-ubuntumate.js ~/.

Then remove the source files:

sudo rm /usr/lib/firefox/ubuntumate.cfg /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/all-ubuntumate.js

After restarting Firefox, you should now be able to set your desired home page. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @lah7 for previously mentioning (in another thread) which two files to remove.


After closing firefox i opened /usr/lib/firefox/ubuntumate.cfg (with sudo rights) and changed to my specific site.

This works also.

@Etamuk, I can’t find your bug report.

However I found this one:

Please see here:
It seems to be already reported in july.

Hello Dave B , thanks for this useful information. It worked and I can start my own homepage now

Not a browser problem per se. Clear your cash and then reload.

In case anybody’s wondering, this behavior still exists in 17.10.