Cannot Connect Web Cam

I’ve got a fresh copy of Unbutu Mate running in my laptop however I cannot get my Logitech Web Cam to work. It’s maybe a year old camera - C720 might be the model number IIRC.

If I type lsusb in a terminal window I can see the camera plugged in and detected. However nothing comes up in Cheese or Discord (where I want to use it).

Any help in fixing this would be great.

if command
lsmod | grep uvc
gives you a hit for uvcvideo then your cam is uvc compliant and the app
guvcview should work

if it works but you need Cheese or Discord for a particular purpose can you mention that need?

I need it to work it to work in my web browser mainly (via

I’m still unable to get the web cam working.

how about showing just the results of

if lsmod | grep uvc gave no results

also show the line for

I will show mine
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 046d:0990 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Pro 9000

now this is weird. In OP you are not sure its a C720.

clicking on the specs gives me lsusb results (converted) as 046d:081a

then going to hits

then going to
if its truly 081a it thinks the model is C260 and that it will work with guvcview.

so please copy and paste your outputs otherwise we are going to have an issue