Cannot find Tilda in the Application Menu

I am running Ubuntu Mate 15.10 and I know it has Tilda installed by default, but, I am for the life of me unable to find it in the Applications menu and Places/System Menu as well. Could someone walk me through the instructions fetching it out of my file system to make a link to the App Menu. Thank You!!


First check if tilda is loaded by pressing F12. If it is loaded, then it should drop down.

If it does not drop down, the next thing is to find out if it is installed. To do this,, open a terminal and type


If it is not installed, it will give you a message to that effect. In whoch case, you should type

sudo apt-get install tilda

Assuming it is installed and can load or is already loaded; the following is how to include it as a menu entry, assuming it is not already in your menu:

Right click your Applications tab on your main menu on your top panel and choose "edit menus"

Choose the menu on the left column that you want your tilda launcher to appear in. An obvious one would be "system tools"

Having chosen your menu, then look to the right hand column. In there, you will see all of the menu items, including any further sub menus. Click on the "new item" button.

Type what you want to in the name field

Type: tilda

in your command field

type what you want in the comment field

click on the icon button (the square with the picture of a rocket) and navigate to an icon of your choice from those provided (or one you have downloaded from the internet)

Click the "OK" button.

close the edit menus dialog box

Go to your applications menu and you will now find Tilda listed there.

Spot on! Thank you!


It is somewhere in the system tools, unchecked, thus no need for adding another item.

Yeah, from 15.10 onwards the Tilda menu item is hidden by default because it was confusing people and resulted in two Tilda sessions running. But Tilda is autosyarted and can be disable via the Startup Applications in the Control Center.