Cannot install Dark Table

Error: Package does not exist!

Cannot install and find Dark Table software with Ubuntu mate 16.04 on Raspberry pi 3.

What happen???

No Repos!

As far as I can see there are no official packages available for the ARM processor.

Hi @M_Rusli,

does this help?:

I hope they release for ubuntu.

But how do i install it on ubuntu-mate?

It seems on the video only works with raspbian OS.

I am on 64 bit Intel machine, an Asus laptop…Have the same problem Isn’t is the same issue as this one?

At the moment this is still in heavy development and you have to compile darktable yourself, but we expect it to be ready for the next feature release.

If you compile it on an ARM distro, providing that the hardware it was compiled for (armv7) stays the same, it shouldn't matter if it was Raspbian or UM.

If you would like, I can compile it on my pi3 and provide binaries on my github?

Hi @M_Rusli,

I thought you wanted it for Raspi as that is where you started your thread (in the Raspi section!). :smiley:

He wants it for Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 3 (from what I can tell).