Canon LIDE20 Scanner Ubuntu MATE 16.04 16.10



The Canon LIDE20 scanner doesn't work by default.
Trying to use simplescan results a black page. The scanner shows no reaction.

That's mainly a matter of power management.
Edit the file /etc/default/tlp.

gksudo pluma /etc/default/tlp


Save the file.

Than go to User Settings, click on "Advanced", click on the tab "User Privileges" and enable "Use scanners".

Restart the computer and the scanner is working with simplescan.

Screen flicker except in Ubuntu MATE

This works also: See this reply.


Thanks guys, it looks like this could be useful for a lot of printer/scanner type devices other than this one. I’ll keep it in mind.


I installed Ubuntu Mate 17.04 today and the scanner worked out of the box.
Great job guys !