Canon MP270 printer/scan

I didn’t find in your help a subject concerning the canon MP270.

Could you help me?

Many thanks in advance

Are you able to provide additional information?

  1. How are you connecting your Canon MP270? (USB, networked, other?)
  2. Have you tried adding your Canon MP270 using the “Printers” administration tool in the Control Panel?
  3. Have you tried installing your Canon MP270 by using a driver that is similar to your model like using the Canon MP250 driver?

I did some quick searching and it seems like the Canon MP250 has been supported well under Ubuntu for a while. I would think that your Canon MP270 is probably similar enough to the MP250 you could use that driver if one is not available for the MP270.

Additional information

  1. Connecting with USB
    2/3 . On Canon MP270 installing driver stopped at 18% , I also tried the Canon MP250 driver and it’s the same thing .

It’s worked well few weeks ago with only the USB and now, I could’nt scan or print

Could you help me more ( support assistance? to put the right driver in my computer for Canon MP270 which match with unbuntu)

Many thanks in advance

You mentioned that it worked a few weeks ago.

  • Do you know what happened to cause it to stop working?
  • Does it look like the printer is still installed when you go to the “Printers” administration app in the Control Panel?
  • If the printer is already installed, that might explain why the installation of the driver is failing at 18%? You could try removing the installed printer, unplugging the USB cable and starting over after a reboot.
  • Have you rebooted your computer which will restart the printing system?

I had this issue with KDE Neon (which is also based on Ubuntu) a few months ago and an HP printer. The printer was installed, but some how the printing system had stopped communicating with the HP printer. I rebooted which restarted everything, and then I printed without issue.

I don’t like to recommend rebooting to fix issues, but for new users this is sometimes the easiest way to restart system processes and trouble shoot.

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