Canon PIXMA MG2522, does it work over USB?

I'm pretty happy right now, so I've wanted a printer for a while and have been looking at Canon's for a while after my family having several bad experiences with HP printers, and although they moved to EPSON at least one was replaced under warranty I believe, anyways well i saw this Canon PIXMA MG2522 at walmart on sale for $19, and it connects with a USB cable, although I believe it can be hooked to a network, and although what I read online didn't sound promising, It was only $20 and I had just cashed two paychecks and had lot's on me, I got it home set it up the way the instructions said, except for the part for windows, plugged it in a notification popped up and said it was configuring the printer before I got to the printers settings, it took about 15 seconds and I tried printing a test page which printed flawlessly, now I've heard of the printer part working, but not the scanner, (although I have a old Canon flatbed scanner that functions fine albeit very slowly, so not scanning wouldn't be a deal breaker), so I went in to simple scan, which quickly recognized it and allowed me to scan the test page flawlessly and much faster than my old scanner, this is all through usb. Ubuntu MATE did not even require me select drivers, let alone go search for them online, download, and attempt to install a deb with a bunch of weird and antiquated dependencies, it did it all automatically for me, I :heart: u Ubuntu MATE