Can't add items to menu using mozo?

I'm using Ubuntu Mate Focal on a system76 thelio. I use the brisk menu launcher. I'm trying to add an item by right clicking and going to "Edit Menus." I bring up the ui (mozo) and try to add my shortcut, I hit ok...and nothing happens. No error, nothing, just "ok" and the editor closes.

If I launch mozo from the command line, same, nothing saves. If I launch it as root, same thing, nothing saves. As my regular user or as root I can edit existing items, but I cannot add new items.

Not sure what else to troubleshoot?

Have you tried Control Center>Look and Feel>Main Menu?
I don't use Brisk but I checked and it is there. I use Main Menu to edit menus entries all the time. (I am using a System 76 Darter Pro and have no problems editing menu entries). Not only to edit entries, but to change my Icons to ones I prefer. I do prefer the Classic Menu, but it takes you to the same place, "mozo"easy MATE menu editing tool. I prefer the GUI. If that doesn't work, there are other problems.

My understanding is the control center link is just mozo. I think it's all the same place?

Hello surfrock66

I have the same problem. :face_with_head_bandage: It started on 18.04 - I must have somehow corrupted my "menu" files. I've done a little digging on the Internet to try to find out how to fix this (in my case a reset to "default" would be fine, I could then make my changes from a clean start).

Request to the Ubuntu-Mate team - or anyone who can answer:
Is there a way to "reset" a corrupted menu? Or are we facing a fresh install adding a data-partition purged of all old .config files? :thinking: