Can't customize Login Window after upgrading to 20.10

I upgraded to 20.10 this morning via the software updater. All seemed to go smoothly, but the log in screen has reverted back to the default green Mate background, and HDPI is not enabled. When I go into the Control Center and Login Window it shows that my previous background is selected and HDPI is enabled...but that is not what is happening in reality. Any ideas?

Hi @j.rasmussen,

UM 20.10 switched to arctica greeter. Previous version used slick greeter, and login window app in control center is designed to customize slick greeter. This is covered in release notes. Please check ' The benefits of Ayatana Indicators' section for customization tips.



can you explain more about this

As said before, all is explained in the release notes:

it doest explain how to fix it

It clearly states the following:

The benefits of Ayatana Indicators

Ubuntu MATE 20.10 is our first release to feature Ayatana Indicators and as such there are a couple of drawbacks; there is no messages indicator and no graphical tool to configure the display manager greeter (login window) :disappointed:

Both will return in a future release and the greeter can be configured using dconf-editor in the meantime.

Sorry i read too quick
thanks for answering

You're most welcome. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Aerosiderolito,

unfortunately, the solution from release notes stopped working a while ago. There is an opened bug against arctica greeter. The only working solution I managed to find was to edit settings in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/30_ubuntu-mate.gschema.override directly. Please, check this thread. I don't have a working 20.10 installation at the moment, so I can't check that, but the bug in launchpad hasn't been closed yet.



thank you for your help

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You are welcome @Aerosiderolito. Please, report back which solution worked for you in up to date UM 20.10.

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Good to know. Thanks for the info, i have a working 20.10 and could check it out.

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Yes, please. I appreciate that. Is it possible to mention the problem in release notes as well?

Release notes are for the release of a ubuntu mate version at that specific time and date. So it can't be changed anymore since it worked at the time of the 20.10 release.

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Ok i tried to change the background from the arctica greeter to another one with dconf-editor but it doesn't seem to work at all.

Just tried it myself on 21.10. Doesn't work, too.

Tried as root, Just use my current background by enabling "draw user background". No go.