Cant find top menu bar(file,edit etc..) in nemo,leafpad .Pls help

But i can see the menubar when i open nemo as root.

Open a terminal and enter:

inxi -b

And please post the output.

Thank you

This is probably related to the TopMenu panel applet?
I had a similar problem when I added and then removed mine with Claws Mail opened and next I knew it, Claws Mail lost its menu bar.

To test this (and fix it),

Open one of the affected applications; Nemo or Leafpad

Right-click your MATE panel and choose Add to Panel. Scroll down until you see the TopMenu Panel Applet and drag it to the panel. You should now see the application menu.

Close the application; Nemo or Leafpad. The menu should disappear also from the MATE panel.

Right-click your panel where the menu used to be and if you see an option to Remove from Panel click it. If you don’t see that option, click a little further until you find the now invisible TopMenu applet and can remove it.

These steps should fix it, if indeed that is the problem. And won’t affect anything if the problem is something else.

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Thanks for your reply.I changed to different panel layout with mate its solved

You can keep the other layout if you wish. Just make sure you remove the TopMenu applet. But choosing another layout is a solution too.